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Natalie Stovall Band

Natalie Stovall Band

Natalie Stovall has lived in Nashville all her life and has made a living in the entertainment industry one way or another since she was five years old. As a child performer in the Opryland Kid's Club she had the opportunity to perform on such programs as the Oprah Winfrey Show, Nashville Now, Crook and Chase. She even performed solo on the Grand Ole Opry.

After high school Natalie attended the Berklee College of Music on a vocal scholarship. At Berklee for the first time she was forced to start developing as an artist. She knew that no matter what success she may have had as a child performer, the real test was to prove herself as an individual. She began to take her songwriting more seriously and started to see the long road that lay ahead of her. In her second year she formed a band, Green Line South, and brought them home for the summer to perform with her and test the waters in her native Nashville. The band stayed together performing around Nashville and Boston for almost three years. Having her own band was a life changing experience for Natalie. It helped her realize what it took to define herself as an artist and that she didn't just want to play four hour shows of cover songs the rest of her life.

After the band split she took some time off to evaluate herself and her music. She knew it was time to really focus on her own art and create something that would help to show Nashville what she has to offer. For almost a year now, she has been frequenting the studio, cutting, recutting material, discovering the true depth of her voice and enjoying the results of her labor. Although rooted in country you can hear her diverse taste in music prevalent in her writing. Her music has started to take shape in some songs as a throwback to old school soul and blues a la Dusty Springfield and Bonnie Raitt. In other songs you can hear her passion for raucous live material coming through with a more kickin' flavor. With every step forward she is growing more anxious and excited for what the future holds. She is performing again with her new band and she just finished writing all the material for the record. It's a fun time to be Natalie. She knows that there's still a lot of work ahead, but she's ready for whatever is coming her way.

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