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Thread: Spring Break Over?

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    Thursday night local restaurants, nightclubs and attractions were packed with spring breakers getting in the last few days of fun before heading back to school.

    While the busiest weeks of spring break have come to an end, some motels say there's still a couple more to go.

    Michael Mays, Assistant GM of Sunspree, said, "We are still going. We are still kicking, and we're gonna be going at least two more weeks."

    For the most part, the spring break season has been peaceful. There were only two seriously disturbing incidents.

    An 18-year-old student from Tuscaloosa, Alabama was raped and thrown over a sixth floor balcony at the Sandpiper Beacon Motel last week. She survived. A motel security staff member has been charged in the case, and this week a spring breaker from St. Louis was hit by a car on Front Beach Road in front of Sharkey's Beach Bar and Restaurant. He was in critical condition, but improving.

    That's a far cry from the number of injuries and deaths back in the 90s when visiting students were balcony jumping, getting into motor scooter crashes and overdosing on ecstacy, scoop and roofies.

    Today's spring breakers know how to let off a little steam, but seem to be better behaved overall. They say Panama City has all the right ingredients for a good time.
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    That, plus there just didn't seem to be too many of them.
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    Is spring break dwindling now as of April 10th ? I laugh, 13 or 14 years ago I came down as a high schooler barking at the moon, now I wait until all the breakers are gone before showing up. There was a time, I could tie one on and get up the next morning and do it again the next 5 days in a row. Now if I just get half warped, I cant function well for 24-36 hours afterward What a difference a decade can make of what I'll do to myself and what I can tolerate as fun. I'm a premature Snow Bird in the making. I was thinking about driving down the 18th this month, and hoping the kiddos are all back in college.

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