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Thread: Reporting Back from old Panty Maw...

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    I'm fine, folks. I've just been super busy. The brief beach run was decent. We got down there Friday afternoon. It rained most of Saturday. About the time we cleaned up and headed to Hunt's to beat the crowd it cleared up and there was a perfect sunset. Sunday was perfect. It felt like June weather. I woke up my son to go for a beach walk. He learned quickly that he can't keep up with his old man. I walked him down for a little over an hour. We stayed down about a mile and a half from Schooner's. I won't be doing that again. I'd just rather be down near the State park...Schooner's and the Marina. I did meet up with the Kat at noon on Saturday and then later that night we checked out Natalie Stovall at Schooners. She's an epic, cute blonde fiddle player from Nashville. The Kat had the chicks swarming him. I won't be back down until early June unless I do a fishing trip in mid May with some guys from work. Stay thirsty peeps...
    Stay Thirsty....

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    Natalie Stovall is playing at some sort of Frogtown Hollow Jam here this weekend. I may have to go check her out.
    Stay ugly and bitter, my friends.

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