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Thread: Sand sculpture/Happy Easter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linda in Calif View Post
    Looks like a beautiful day at the beach! Gonna go color eggs with my "Babies"....Grandson 12, Daughter 19 and Daughter-in-Law 22.....thought they were getting too old to do it but they threw a fit when I suggested we skip it this year. LOL Everyone have a GREAT Easter!
    I still give our 30 yr old & her hubby Easter goodie bags instead of baskets. Candy & a couple of those "airline bottles" of Crown Royal; they love it!
    If it doesn't involve the beach, it isn't a real vacation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KayOnTheBeach View Post
    FB, Where was that sand sculpture located? It is great!
    Not sure. Thought is was Schooner's but found out it's not. Was posted by a PC local on his FB page. I'll ask.
    Looking for my lost shaker of salt.

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