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We want to thank all our forum members, moderators, honorary locals and Schooners fans who have made the Schooners Forum such a fun and informative community over the years. After much thought and discussion, we have decided to close the forum. The amount of activity has slowly dwindled over the years as other platforms have emerged and conversations have moved to other websites. We are a little saddened to see the forum close. New platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, have become the preferred choices of the majority of our friends and fans, and the strain to maintain both has been too much. We had to make a choice. If you haven't yet connected with Schooners on Facebook or Twitter, we encourage you to do so as we post lots of important news there. We also have fun sharing our photos, videos and other cool stuff with everyone on those platforms.
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We have launched a new website and we will make the archived version of the forums available on the new site soon. All the threads will still be there for people to read and enjoy, but all other functionality will be disabled.

Again, thank you... it was great to be part of such a wonderful community. We will always remember the lively discussions and our crazy forum members with great fondness.

See you at the beach!

- Schooners Mgmt