Area Code

Band leader and lead singer Morris Mariner was born in Brooklyn N.Y. into a very musical family... Morris & Doris. My father was then and still is the pianist and choir director for our church. My mother was the church soloist (hence my interest in music). Wanting to play Gospel music like my dad, my mother had other ideas. After 10 years of classical piano and 5 years of trombone in school, I soon joined the #1 band in N.Y. - AREA CODE! Traveling the world over and getting to live out my fantasy has brought my dreams into fruition.

Co-lead singer Roberta Evans was born on August 24th in Brooklyn, New York. I started playing trumpet in Junior High School and didn't start singing until my junior year of High School. I joined the band in 1975. I came up with the name Area Code because we were looking for a more universal name. I also play the keyboards and recently the drums.

Bassist Tim Fowler was born and raised in Providence Rhode Island, my life as a musician began at age nine. I played drums and bass, performing in local talent shows as well as in school. By the age of 15, I was performing in Night Clubs while attending Hope High School For the Arts, and The Modern School of Music. At the age of 21, I went to London England to perform while recording with various artists. We toured 8 countries as well as the United States. My musical influences have been Earth Wind & Fire, Larry Graham, Louis Johnson, Cameo, Parliament Funkadelic, Slave and Pleasure to name a few.