Margaret K. Lewis Beach Party

Margaret K. Lewis Beach Party (Private)
May 7, 2024 from 11am-2pm

Schooners has invited the exceptional students from the Margaret K. Lewis Center to enjoy a Beach Party in their honor. The kids revel in splashing in the water, rolling in the sand and dancing with one another on the dance floor. Nearly 125 students attended last year's event with some dancing for as long as four hours straight.

The Margaret K. Lewis Center, serves students aged 3 to 21 who suffer from mental or physical challenges. Those handicaps pose problems when transporting students to special events like the Beach Party because Bay District Schools has only a limited number of buses with wheelchair lifts.

To help make this event possible, The Bay County Sheriff's Office provides a police escort and the volunteers necessary to help with lifeguard duties, volleyball, dancing and mealtime. Most Schooners employees and managers also volunteer for this special event!

Margaret K. Lewis Beach Party Photos